My Name is Joe. I am a Lawyer, an Advocate, a Writer, a Foodie, an avid Reader, an Academic and an Athlete.

I was raised splitting time between the Rural Sierra Nevada Mountain Range In Northern California (Placer County = Gold/Logging) and Ventura County in Southern California.

I was signed to a full football scholarship at Boise State University out of High School to play Offensive Line. While I was there I suffered a massive infection in my leg that nearly required amputation. I took that instance as a sign that I made a poor team selection. I contacted Sacramento State, a small Division 1AA school that had recruited me in High School, and asked if there was a place for me in their program–They accepted me with open arms, a scholarship, and I was very grateful.

My college athletic days were plagued with Injuries, laziness, depression and disillusionment at my own abilities. After 5 years of college football I played 2 plays, and graduated with a double major and nearly a minor.

I wanted to be a chef or an actor but I lacked the constitution to pursue either of them. 8>(

So, not knowing what I wanted to do I went to graduate school and then law school and I have had a very blessed professional career since graduating law school.

I look at my professional career as something that allows me to pursue the passions that I have outside of work. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do…..LOVE IT. BUT I have many Passions¬†~ mainly Health, Athletics, Cooking, Cinema, Sustainability, Personal General Education, Writing and SELF ACTUALIZATION. I am continually looking for ways to better myself~To be the best man I can be, to be the best son, brother, uncle, cousin, in-law, friend, citizen and most importantly HUSBAND I can possibly be.

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. My mother put me in Jenny Craig in 5th grade. And sports were there as a means to keep my weight in check. I went from husky to fluffy to thin, to chubby, to muscular to thin to a 325 LB smoker alcoholic fast-food junkie …. as like all people, there are hard times that drive us to dark places. It is all about how we rebound. And I make no excuses for the terrible decisions I have made in my life.

I have created this blog mainly as a diary for myself. As a form of therapy. Perhaps through the pain and sweat of the miles covered I can earn some peace. Perhaps I can find some redemption, some personal forgiveness and also reclaim my health.

…. and most assuredly Claim my Belt Buckle (SEE MY FULL STORY)TNF_buckles

Western States Endurance Run


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