Discipline Needed

I am starting to move again, but getting the diet under control is definitely the major issue I need to address.

Starting today I am going whole 30 paleo again. It always seems to be the only thing that works well for me. Here are my parameters

1) First 30 days no deviations with the exception of after the 1/2 marathon (April 27)

2) Second 30 days, (May 24) End 3 days early for New England. While in New England, reasonable deviations allowed. No alcohol.

3) Third 30 days, (June 27 + 1 week) (Goal 245 July 6)


1) Low Focus on animals, Higher focus on Vegetables.

2) Implement at least 1 vegan day weekly.

3) Do not gorge on Fruits and Nuts

4) keep calories under 2K

5) No less than 10K steps daily

After my 39th Birthday

Whole 30 Sun-Fri;
Saturday is a Free Day;
Sunday is my low impact day;

Goal 225 LBS before 2019


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