Do you ever feel that No matter how many steps you take in the right direction you seem to slide back to the beginning? This seems to be what separates champions from the masses, the capacity to do the extreme in the pursuit of glory, which begs the question “is it worth it?”

I am no longer in a position to be a famous athlete. I am no longer in a position to become a famous fitness guru. Or am I ? Rich Roll was simply a lawyer (albeit perhaps a good one) at 40, not known by anyone, not know for physical feats or greatness, but now, people that are into Ultra Athletics, plant powered philosophy and stories of being reborn out of addiction KNOW Rich Roll. He is amazing. And what a fantastic story.

But back to my original question, is the quest for glory even worth it? This earth with die, everything here will be gone, so the glory will never last forever…… and all that was toiled for shall disappear. So what is the point? Folks that are on consistently hunting for that moment of glory will normally say “I do it for myself.” Maybe. Who knows what truly lies in someone’s heart?

As for ME, I’ll I want glory to feel special. To feel like I am better than the average person. I want a higher income, I want to be stronger, faster, smarter, better read, funnier etc etc etc….. nothing materialistic, but those items of depth. I just struggle with how to obtain any form of glory at this point of my life…… is it too late and does it matter? I really have no idea

Part of my problem has always been that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. A lawyer, an astronomer, a space ninja, an athlete…. IDK. The only things that I am certain of is that I never want money to be an issue, I never want to be concerned with my family’s health, and I would like to put my family into a position that my children may pursue their passion without “WANT.”

That is a hard list to attain. Squirrel money away to essentially become “old money,” train and live healthy, active and in balance without excess. But I am not going to lie, I want glory, I want recognition, I want cheers, I want a spotlight, I want people to go WOW that guy is awesome. . . So sadly vain and so stupid.

I always people that seeking fame and glory is stupid and ridiculous because in the end, the earth shall disappear and all that was here and celebrated shall cease to exist. So those trivial pursuits are less meaningful than the relationships and firsthand experiences we collect and appreciate in our short lives.

So why can’t I take my own advice?

Because in the end I am a vain son of a bitch LOL

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