F##K F##K F##K

—-I remember us walking out in the garden, and you saying to me, “I will never allow myself to get that heavy again. I don’t now how it happened but I am not going back.” ……. I am very sad for you. (My wife to me)

—-I am Sad for me too hunny (me to my wife)

How did it happen? I stepped onto the scale February 6, 2018 and I officially weighed 300lbs again. What happened?

I love to tell people that it is baby sympathy weight and it will fall off really quickly. but its not. Its Fat-Assery. After the Javelina Hundred (Oct 31, 2015), I drank holiday beer for 2 months and ballooned up 40lbs. I immediately took 22lbs off in 30 days of training, and started on heavy heavy strongman training and squared out at 270 lbs; 30 lbs above my running weight of 240 (but my goal was 205 lbs). and then we moved and I stopped working out for about a month, then 2 then 3….. then I tried to get back to running in Oct of 2017 sitting at 270 lbs….. then my wife amazingly became pregnant and it was the excuse I needed to not work out and be a fat ass.

I continued to try and get back into a healthy pattern but old demons creep back fast. Garbage food, candy, booze and laziness.

By the time my son was born in June 2017, I was perpetually sitting between 270-285. Then I knew I was going to start the crawl back, I went back to my Xfit gym and started running my normal routes; but babies take a lot of time and energy and its easy to hit snooze…. then comes the winter, and when you are not in shape something amazing happens…. you get sick and it doesn’t go away. I literally had a debilitating cold that lingered for 11 weeks through the holidays. Coupled with work travel, and stress…..I am now 300 lbs.

I am sad for me. I am sad for how I allowed myself to work so hard and as usual, I got to the final lap…..I quit running and sat down and found an excuse.

So here we go again. Here I go again. On April 20, 2018 I have a 10K and a half marathon back to back in Florida.


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