10 Weeks, 3 Days; 125 days

June 10, 2017 is an arbitrary day to call out as a milestone for the ole JoJo; Same with August , 2017….. both days are equally insignificant. However, for Joe, each day equally has merit, and is a milestone.

June 10 is my last day of baby prep and final day of my pre-baby holistic minimalist mind, body, chattel**, cleanse. (Chattel = legalese for personal property).

August 1 is my family reunion at Disney World where everyone will get to meet my son, and also see that I am finding balance in my quest for the Western States Buckle. . . yes people, I am still seeking the buckle. . .it just takes more work.

Since my last post things have been all off course. Starting with our precious little terrier Daisey (literally a peaceful, lazy, hairy haggis) was viciously mauled at our local dog park. She was asleep on Clara’s lap sunning herself and a dog came along and ripped her from Clara’s lap and tried to kill her. A 911 call, a punch to my face by the owner, Animal control and a 3 hour surgery, Daisey survived; she required a ton of stitches and staples and daily trips to the Vet for a week. Essentially, her chest and arm pit were torn open and lacerated through the muscle. it was horrible. So my life for the last 2 weeks have really revolved around tending to her and her injury.

Additionally, we are in the midst of 2 major moves; packing and driving my mother-in-laws stuff and puppy Ozzy back to AZ/NM, and also packing and preparing for our move back to the ┬ácondo……while working on all the renovations simultaneously.

Something about me thrives when I am feeling swamped with lots to do and minimal idol time. Idol time doesn’t suite me well. I remember as a kid watching the movie “The Babe.” There was a scene where Babe was in the shower of the locker room, standing in the corner crying to himself “The Devil Finds Work for Idle Hands.” I know its true. Idleness has gotten me into more trouble than I can even explain……Idleness, my nemesis.

Anywho, I am hoping to get some miles and some yoga in ASAP. The days slip away from me

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