54 days: FUCK

oh dear god what am I doing. I am not a runner. I am a “pick up heavy shit” guy. This is ludicrous. I am not slight, light, swift or any other random adjective that one would use to describe an elite runner going out for a 100 mile jaunt. Good god what have I done.

My weight never goes down. 245. That’s where my body enjoys sitting. I burn more calories than I take in and my body does not lose weight. This has been the bane of my training. I am praying that I can get down to at least 229 for the race. I was hoping and counting on 195, but that is a pipe dream.

I had a body scan several months back and the gal at GW medical center asked if I had ever had a broken bone. I said sure and said that was an odd question. Well acceding to their data my bones are so dense that I will never get osteoporosis, and they couldn’t even measure accurately dense my bones were because I was so far off the charts.

BASICALLY, I am wolverine attempting to run on a frame of adamantiam steel! Awesome, how am I even able to swim lol

This is a big run week. T-F = 15.3 miles daily. And Saturday = 30.6 miles. Good times

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