Why Hello There.

Life tends to grab a hold and pull each of us in 1000000 different directions. Work, Fun, Family, Obligations, Etc Etc Etc. And of course all of our hated and most beloved friend…..Laziness.

I have been terrible at keeping up on here and also keeping up with my running. At this point in 2015. I have ran 810.57 miles, which is well behind what I should have ran. I should have clocked from Oct 1 2014 until October 1 2015 approx 3000 miles. Now I am going to have to see if my other types of training have been helpful. I am scheduled to finish 2000 road miles before the race on Halloween.


We will see how it goes. As of now I have 11 weeks until my tapering month begins and 106 days until the race. APPROX 1190 MILES remaining to run


god speed……additionally, yesterday I got my first blister.


OH AND HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN!!!! last weekend I went out for a 30 mile run and i had to turn around and finish at 20 miles (and some change)……because #1 the trail was pure mud and #2, I acquired nearly 200 Mosquito bite and each one swelled to the size of a marble. Just lovely. Here is a sample of my poor legs. My Back looks just the same!

10410790_10207198628940949_6261870293839913053_n11742634_10207198628900948_2344638827857249717_n 11053045_10207196643691319_7668337985665053893_n 11225364_10207196643651318_5532465183056457179_n 11742755_10207196643611317_2200621804584864119_n

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