Honeymoons and Tredmills

Whaaaaaaat up!!!!!


So my bad people. I have been an absent monkey for a few weeks. It has been hectic as all holy hell!

First. My mother-in-law came for an extended visit. Then my Mother arrived for a day. Then the wife and I left for our honeymoon. ICELAND. (twas AWESOME-BALLS). Then my mother was still here. Then we all drove from DC to Jersey and back in a day to go to my nephews Baptism. Now my uncle is coming to town and my sister is still here AND the wifey and I am are in the midst of moving THIS FRIDAY………. SHIT IS GETTING FUNKY LOL.

BUT there is a Silver Lining to all this madness. Primarily, through the never ending darkness of winter, through the long, bleak hours on the treadmill, the endless monotony of of step after step while listening to the repetitive roll of the rotating floor beneath.  I actually think that the treadmill has made running on the ground outside easier and made me slightly quicker.

I busted out 20 miles without stopping, without issue. I have busted out 10 mile runs back to back to back besting my times each time…..and I am finding that my confidence is continually growing.

well I have a 40 miler in a couple weeks. My longest run to date. I am going to KILL IT.

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