Getting back in the swing of it!

Well yesterday was my first day back to CrossFit since the puke fest. It felt amazing. Tonight I will do a hard 60 minute run, just to get my feet underneath me–followed by tomorrow a CROSSFIT and long run.

So exciting changes are coming. My wife and I secured a new home so that we both have an equal commute . We are very excited. Even though we will be renting, and subsequently renting out the home we own….the new house is in the coolest town, in the downtown area where there are tons of amazing shops, bars, pubs, restaurants, coffeehouses, galleries and museums. So exciting. We have a huge back yard, and probably 6 times more space.

So with the move will be the complete renovation of my daily schedule and training routine lol. Basically rise at 4am; out the door by 4:30 am; drive for 55 mins; train for 90mins; off to work at desk by 7:30; leave by 3:00 to miss traffic, holding conference calls in car; home by 4:30; train for 2hs; shower; eat and in bed by 9pm. Now I just need to determine the best routine for the schedule!

But once I figure it out I will be certain to post it.

Until later!

Ps. My wife forced me to try bullet proof butter coffee. I ripped on her for like 10 mins before I got a pow pow for being a dick. But I must admit, the coffee tasted no different than creameries coffee. I will never drink it again but for HER, as a person that does not care for breakfast, it is a really cool way to get moving during the day and NOT be ravenous by lunchtime….. Good for you babe! I will stick with my quasi-vegan-kefir-veggie-protein-fruit smoothy LOL (ummmmm grainy lol)

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