Well I went in for my body fat and my resting metabolic rate test today. Good news and bad news.

Good news. I have lost and gained weight LOL. My original hydrostatic test that I had done said I was 40% Body Fat. According to the scientists at GW University, it was likely closer to 45-50%.

Today I clocked in at 257 & 33% body fat. Using the dexa scan, which is the gold standard body composition testing. Basically it is the thing they use on the biggest loser. all my fat is on my inner thighs and my gut/love handles. 99% of all my fat is NOT sub-contanious, meaning my organs are not being suffocated.

Sadly I am up 17 Lbs from October 4, 2015. But still far better from where I was back in 2012. Basically I need to lose 63 Lbs of fat between now and the Javalina Jundred on Halloween.

I also learned that I have been not dropping any weight because I have been DRASTICALLY under calorie. My resting metabolic rate was 1950 calories for simply existing. and with my activity level I need to be eating no less that 1800 calories daily. I average most likely about 1300. Therefore, in conjunction with the extremely long runs, my body has been in preservation mode for months. UGH.

WELL Glad I did this. Now, I can mitigate the damage and start moving forward far more efficiently.

Run-on! Eat-on! lets move.



Goals: March 20, 240 Lbs; April 20, 225 lbs; May 20, 210 lbs

47 Lbs in 89 days. seems difficult but I believe with my training and now knowing what I need to eat, that my goal is 100% attainable!

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