Body Composition Assessment

So Next friday February 20th will be rather interesting. I am having my resting metabolic rate tested and a full body composition test done. The Idxa test done at the GW Milken Institute of Public Health is the gold standard for body composition assessment. The iDXA scan uses a low-dose x-ray (less than 1% of a traditional chest x-ray) to determine total percentage of body fat, overall bone mineral density (BMD) as well as fat, and fat-free mass in specific regions of the body with an accuracy of ±2%.

I am excited because my last body composition test was in 2011 and I found out that I weighed 290 LBS & 39.8% body Fat (174 lbs of lean mass) . After the test I gained another 35 lbs.

So as of today I am 252 lbs, about 12 lbs up from October (annoying), however, I am very curious to see what my lean mass gains are and what I have dropped in body fat. I am predicting that I am at NO MORE than 25% Body Fat, and that I have gained 15LBS of muscle.

I am also excited to learn my Resting Metabolic Rate. Your RMR is what the body burns while doing nothing, how many calories my body uses while napping in bed as a lazy bum. This will be beneficial because I will know exactly how many calories I need to take in and cut in order to cut my body fat.

According to Matt Fitzgerald of Racing Weight I should be at about 10% body fat for my ideal performance as an endurance athlete. So it will be good to know how far off I am from 10% and start implementing the necessary diet tweaks to put me in the best racing position imaginable. I would still like to weigh 190 Lbs, but I will settle for awesomeness & health rather than an arbitrary number 8>)

Sadly, I missed my large run this week. It was Valentines day Weekend and my wife was leaving town for work. So i decided that I would rather have those 6 hours with her, rather than the road. I wouldn’t trade though hours with her for anything. . . . But I have upped my regiment for this coming week. I have an 80 mile week planned…..YIKES. This will be an interesting week. Bring it on Bitches!

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