Moving my Butt

The sweat burns the eyes, the legs grow fatigued, the shoulders ache.

I am tired, why am I am doing this. This is a second full time job. My family thinks I am crazy, My wife thinks it takes up too much time, My dad worries that I’ll go crazy from the mental strain, my friends secretly dismiss what I am doing as bullshit.

step, step, step, step, step……use the hamstring not the quad……step , step, step, step, step…… on the forefoot not the heel………step, step, step, step, step……breath through the nose not the mouth……..step, step, step, step, step…… lose yourself and visualize the finish……¬†step, step, step, step, step……keep going until you finish–or until you pass out.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to give my Dad something epic–because he deserves it for all his handwork in life.

BUT this is not a totally selfless act. I have to admit that. I want to finish an athletic endeavor that is amazing. I was a talented athlete once upon a time-but I should have been far better than I was. Few people get to play college football. Very few actually get signed to a full scholarship to a Division 1A program. Very few give that up and receive a second scholarship to a Division 1AA program. Nothing is sadder than wasted talent, wasted opportunity, indifference, failure to reach full potential, and laziness. I was each of those. I lost the love of the game, blamed everyone but myself and that led me to do anything and everything BUT work harder to change my tomorrow. That is the lesson I learned from playing college football. I am to blame for not achieving that which I desire. So while it is rare to play Division 1 college football on scholarship. . . . it is even more rare to run 100 miles.

This may be the week that my patterns and workouts all fall strategically into place perfectly. I am feeling stronger and more energized than I have in a great long while. I have nailed my workouts for the week at this point. tomorrow is a lift day and a run. I am just debating as to which I would rather do first in the morning. I am thinking the run.

I believe that the systamatic inclusion of brisk walking into my routine has been of dire importance to my training and truly beneficial for my endurance. Repetitive running is important and necessary but WALKING is what gets you across the finish line in a 100 mile race, and walking FAST at that-

Today I walked a little over 8 miles in the morning, and another in the evening (each in 2 hour stints). I know that I could walk another 2 hours right now if I wanted to. The Thursday workout will be interesting- 5 miles in 60 mins, followed by a quick-paced walk of 4 miles in 60, followed by 6 miles in 60. 3 hours of training, alternating from a run, to a walk, to an even faster run. It is an average of 5mph, but it is the alternating that is important.

It is imperative to train oneself to run, walk and then be able to run again after walking, because that is what the whole 100 miles will be like–run for a few hours, walk for a few hours, run for a few hours walk for a few hours…….it gets so monotonous.

I will be honest. It gets old. But I really do feel that it will all be worth it.

I just hope that those who matter the most can continue to back my play, because without their support. . . . this will be extremely difficult (if not impossible) **** I need the support.




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