Family and friends are aware the slight untimely kerfuffle that my wife and I have found ourselves in; long story short I have to be away from her, our 8.5 month old son and our dogs 2 weeks out of the month. It’s a sacrifice but we are both blessed professionally and we know it is very temporary.

But this does mean that every other week I should have a full week of uninterrupted training…… but when you have a tendency to be sick all the time, you find yourself simply missing your family with minimal distractions.

But this became a great week for training. I covered over 20 miles on my legs walking and kept my diet CLEAN.

This week will be a test, as my wife, infant son, mother in law, and I find ourselves in Las Vegas for 4 days at a work conference.

If I can keep my training this week and my diet clean, which has always been easy for me on work travel. . . . I may be able to squeak out the Disney 1/2 marathon and 10k in late April.

Hell maybe I’ll even get half the lazy weight off!

Let’s keep on trucking.

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