People often speak of will power and restriction. No gluten, no sugar, no alcohol, no red meat, no Facebook, no internet for a month…..everything is bad.

I am finding that at 37 that the truth is that “NOTHING” is truly bad, not even gluten, unless you have celiacs… LOL. What is truly BAD is Western excess. We over consume everything, extreme glutton in every way. We live to consume.

I recently saw a documentary called “The minimalists,” based on the blog of the same name, it made me think in depth as to how we all live. Mindless consumer consumption without purpose. Wasting that which is perfectly good for the newest latest upgraded model. We make everything disposable because we are programmed to anticipate the next generation of any given product. It made me think; has that mentality blended into every aspect of our lives? Social media has us “consuming” people like products; We mindlessly eat and waste food; we purchase homes that are far beyond our realistic needs….. there is no discipline. Just waste and CONSUMPTION.

I am moving forward with “mindful disciple.” Do I “need” a new item of clothing? Do I need a particular “food like product?” Do I need to spend X mins on social media? Do I need to collect more clutter? Will this particular decision or purchase or snack add to my happiness or my anxiety?

The minamilists made me look at the stuff around me and question the true NEED for most of it. I have been systematically purging the clutter from my life. Clutter doesn’t only mean knick Knacks, books and stuff…. it can encompass social media, weight, toxic relationships that are stagnant……it is the minimimalizing of the items around you that are NOT necessary and often give you excess stress and anxiety.

My wife Clara and I are both in the process right now of simplifying our lives before our son is born. We are being mindful of the money we spend, the items we continue to hoard, the footprint we occupy and the food with which we nourish our bodies.

We are preparing to move back into our 1 bedroom, 580 square foot condo that we bought in 2012. The bedroom will become the nursery and we are remodeling the main room to function as both master bedroom, living room, office and dining room. I feel optimistic that the 3 of us and the dogs and the cat will find ourselves exceptionally comfortable. This move means-toss out the clutter that lacks purpose and remove unnecessary excess. When occupying a small space…..everything must have purpose (with exception of the cat I guess)….if there is too much, anxiety grows; if there is too little, anxiety grows….. there is a delicate ecosystem that must be nourished and protected…….. just like our bodies.

Recently we found an amazing restaurant called True Food Kitchen by Dr Andrew Weil MD. Y’all may remember Doctor Weil, the bearded, grinning grizzly of a man that has been writing books about holistic health for years. The restaurant is fantastic. Low GI foods that offer the greatest nutritional buck for each calorie ingested. Amazing curries, veggie Pizza, nutritionally dense soups, wine, and craft cocktails using every amazing fresh pressed juice imaginable. And…….the food screamed minimalism. It screamed artistic discipline. It had purpose, it had merit, and it was delicious.

The food to me was exactly what I needed at a point in my life when so much is changing….. including myself. I am striving to be a minimalist, with mindful disciple, being as collectively holistic and nutritionally dense as possible (hahahahaha)

Check out “The minimalists,” on Netflix and on their blog, and read up on Dr. Andrew Weil, MD and his restaurant chain “True Food Kitchen.”


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