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So I was trained in Crossfit Endurance Training over the summer. Idea is to do Crossfit Training 5 days a week, and complete running training 3 days a week. Run less, but at higher intensity, and by doing so you will be able to compete for a longer amount of time.

I believe there is merit to this form of training–for someone that has been an endurance athlete for a bit of time. For those people that are at their ideal competition weight. For those that are looking to be better at their current sport.

But does it work for those of us that are still morphing into an endurance athlete? For those of us with some extra pounds to drop? for those of us that are new to the show? …… I have No idea, but I know that my brain failed at implementing the training regiment. Too many exact distances to measure and run, I don’t have time for measuring distances and converting distences from meters to fractions of miles and yards. And honestly, I am well aware that I am in dire need to burring more calories and dropping pounds.

My body needs to learn to be in perpetual motion from anywhere to 24 Hours to 29 hours and 59 minutes–Non stop. That is a lot of motion, a lot of swelling in the hands and feet. So how do you go about doing that? I have NO clue. There are a million different schools of thought on the subject. But the reality is that you don’t get there by thinking about how to do it…..you get there by walking and running and doing it a lot.

I have had a bunch of different workouts that I thought were working well…but I think I have been going about it all wrong. The fact is I need to keep moving and not stop.

So here is what i am looking to do starting tomorrow

Monday: Crossfit + 60 min fast run (6-7 MPH)

Tuesday: 2 hour walk AM (4 MPH) am, 2 hour walk AM (4 MPH) pm,

Wednesday: Crossfit + 60 min fast run (6-7 MPH)

Thursday: 3 hour walk AM (4 MPH) am

Friday: Crossfit

Saturday or Sunday: 26-30 miles. (4.5 MPH)

Let us see how this week goes………

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